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Better Haunts & Graveyards

Better Haunts & Graveyards

Cool places dealing with the Haunted Mansions, Phantom Manor, and the Tower of Terror:

Dealing with Disney:

  • An obligatory...the Official Disney Website, which includes the Official Disneyland Pages.
  • Disney Music Loops - If you're interested in figuring out what tunes make up your favorite background music loops, check here.
  • Ravenscroft - Kronos' wonderful Haunted Mansion font. Includes some MONDO cool dings!
  • 20K - The Ride!
  • DisneySub - For people who love Harper Goff's nautilus.
  • Housed at the same domain are the Discovery Bay Chronicles, a collection of essays on the "land" that never was, and yet,
  • ETixLand - Fun!
  • - Doobie, Rebekah, and friends bring you the latest on the Disney Parks.
  • Deb's WDWIG
  • - Excellent tips and bulletins for saving money on your Disney vacations...and more.
  • DisneyDollarle$$ - A website and discussion list for budgetminded travelers.
  • - Tom Shaw's super-comprehensive archive of Disney secrets, centered on the parks.
  • - A tribute site to the original doombuggy/omnimover attraction, Adventure Thru Inner Space. ATIS alums like Claude Coates, Yale Gracey, X Atencio, and Buddy Baker were also on Team Haunted Mansion.
  • Figment! - He's back!
  • Disney's Polynesian Resort - Steve and Tara Seifert's informative tribute to one of the coolest WDW resorts.
  • Widen Your World - Bemoaning bad corporate decisions...
  • The Disney Urban legends Reference Pages - find out what's actually true, what's sorta true, and what your Uncle Morty made up just to mess with your head.
  • Don Bertino's Disney Archive - chocked full of fun graphics, FAQs, and more...
  • Werner's Yesterland - a nostalgic look back at all the attractions, shops, and restaurants that no longer exist in Disneyland.
  • Save the Carousel of Progress - Sign a petition to let Disney know that you want this classic World's Fair attraction to remain a part of WDW's Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow.
  • Save the Enchanted Tiki Room! Sign the petition, send off some letters. Say hi to my friend Chris W., the man behind the mission. Flushed with success, the project's currently transforming itself into a "friends of" page...
  • The E-Ticket Magazine - a quarterly mag with great articles, interviews, and photos pertaining to the Happiest Place on Earth and the people who make the magic.
  • Persistence of Vision - a quasi-academic, paper-printed journal dedicated to things Disney.

Ezra Dobbins Vacations at the Queen Mary!
Ezra Dobbins takes the Hallowe'en and Christmas holidays the Queen Mary!

Other spooky-type things:

Miss Mary (Clipart, vintage Hallowe'en, &c.)

Dark Side of the 'Net

Encounters - A cool paranormal radio show with Lonefeather. We've been featured on it!

Dana's Haunted House

strangegirl*com (Kali's main personal site)

Awardy-type stuff and reviews:

Five-Star Site for October - In October, 2001, we were awarded a site-of-the-month type honor by a Disney site called "The Next Line." Of us they write:

"In the true spirit of a Disney Halloween, our web site spotters have dug up Better Haunts and Graveyards, a truly gruesome web site dedicated to Disney's Haunted mansion. Watch out for ghosts as you meander down the candlelit hallways and through cobweb infested doorways. Great subject, great site, amazing design. Check it out..."

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3 SW Award Erica's Spooky Hallowe'en Award...

HauntMasters Creepy Site Award Ghost Relations Department Award

The Gracey Award! Going to the Grave Award

The Haunted Award for Horror

Bunniesplace BOO!

EvilTool's Hallowe'en Excellence Award EvilTool's Dark Side Award


DiGri's Chiller Killer Site Award Hallowe'en Horror Award


Webring and Webclique stuff...

Friends of Disney Alliance webdisney member site


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