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WDW 'Stones


Our original gardens were laid out by famous Disney landscape architect Bill Evans. Our south garden is located in the former Magnolia Park section of Disneyland, right next to the Frontierland train station. Disney had to remove all of the beautiful magnolia trees in this area to get the Columbia to the drydock at Fowler's Harbor in the fifties or early sixties. A couple of these trees were, luckily, reused in the construction of our south gardens. The six, tall Italian cypresses installed in our north garden had been removed from the Tomorrowland entrance in 1967 (they were moved to make way for the New Tomorrowland buildings and landscaping). A symbol of death, the cypress is a perfect design element in our grounds scheme.

Old Queue Cemetery

The headstones at the top left are from our Walt Disney World location, photographed by famed Mansion historian, Kronos. Memorializing imagineers Marc Davis, Francis Xavier Atencio, and Bill Martin, these beautiful tributes are duplicates of those which once stood in our gardens (above; Peter Bruni as Mr. Gridley searches for Donnie and Jay Osmond in 1970's "Disneyland Showtime" special).

On the lower left is a new tribute to our favorite clairvoyant resident, Madame Leota. It is located just outside our foyer entry at our Walt Disney World residence.

Bat headstone art...

New Pet Cemetery

We have several lovely outdoor graveyards for your enjoyment, including a cozy mausoleum block. We landscape with nothing but the lushest, creepiest vines and bushes. Elephant Ears, Ivy, Society Garlic, groundcovers, and cypress all contribute to the graciousness of our outdoor surroundings. Our grounds are surrounded by ornate, wrought-iron fences and gates, creating an air of imposing elegance.

Old Pet Cemetery - Dog Old Pet Cemetery - Frog
Dog Frog

Old Pet Cemetery - Miss Kitty Old Pet Cemetery - Skunk
Miss Kitty Skunk

Pictured above is our "new" pet cemetery (click here for another view), located in our south garden. It was constructed in 1995. In the background, you can glimpse a tombstone from our old cemetery on the berm (removed pre-HMH, ca. 2001).

Our "old" pet cemetery is hidden on the north side of our property, located atop our exit crypt complex. It's charmingly overgrown. At left are some of the gravestones of a few of the illustrious animal inhabitants.

Here is one of our several mausoleum crypts, on the south side of our lovely home. Truly a resting place of choice, this particular columbarium houses a number of the most immortal names in history. Wouldn't you like to reserve one today? I. M. Mortal

Sundial At left is our crow-themed sundial. Perched upon a composite Corinthian column capital directly in front of our pronaios porch, this antique sundial is inscribed, "Grow old along with me, The best is yet to be." I'm particularly fond of the winged hourglass...time flies when you're having a frightfully good time, doesn't it? Special thanks to an anonymous Maid/Castmember for this photo.

A view of our home from our FastPass Garden (see below). Lush with ferns, cypress, and ivy, the garden is filled with spooky sculpture. Pictured at right is a statue of the mythological creature Pan. The Mansion From Fastpass

Fastpass Sign On the south side of our gardens, just beyond our creepy cast-iron fence, lies our brand-new Fastpass enclosure. Featuring priceless old sculpture and an ivy-decked cast-iron pergola, this little court is where visitors will go to attain expedited visiting priviledges. Note our beautiful new art nouveau signage, replete with spiderweb motif.

This little gargoyle, perched upon our FastPass gateway, sees no evil. Thanks to Rick for his lovely photographs of our new little garden! See No Evil

Wisteria More of our beautiful plants and sculpture. We're particularly fond of the wisteria.


Headstone from 'inside'... Headstone from 'inside'...

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