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Let's Party, Little Bobo!

Art Connoisseurs will enjoy our three priceless, haunted galleries. Our mysterious "stretching" gallery (see gargoyle at left, photographed by Rick during our frightful New Year's Eve Party) is a huge hit with visitors, featuring four expandable portraits of venerable residents by the late artistic genius, Grandpa Marc Davis. Even our founding resident, Master Gracey, enjoys hanging around and dropping in here for a scream or two...

Slackrope and a happy 'Gator... Dy-no-mite! Wack! Rest in Peace...yaright!


Our second - and most changeable - gallery includes more renowned portraits of other illustrious residents, including me (well, until recently), Master Gracey's ghost ship, Petra the Gorgon, our gallant midaeval expert - Sir Clinks-a-Lot - and Melanie, our resident cat-lover. You can learn a bit more about us here! These beautiful paintings were conceptualized by Grandpa Marc Davis, and then painted for our gallery by Mr. Ed Kahn.

Petra the Gorgon, by Ed Kahn.

(Watch her change before your eyes!)

AprilDecember, by Marc Davis.

(Watch me change before your eyes!)

Our third gallery is an informal family affair. Along the corridors of our beautiful home, we've hung some lovely black-and-white photography of various Gracey relatives. One venerable old bat's portrait is at right. Can you see the family resemblance?

He looks quite a lot like my uncle, Ezra Dobbins, hitchhiker extraoirdinaire. Come to think of it, quite a few of my relatives pop in from time to time, all with much the same expression on their faces.

(The "Ezra" heads were Blaine Gibson sculpts, used in the "Corridor of Doors" family portraits and on several of the attic/graveyard popups. Even the famous "Hat Box Ghost," from photos published in E-Ticket Magazine, appears to have featured an Ezra head. )

Family Portrait

Better Haunts Cover This is the cover for our first feature magazine! Click on the image to see a larger version.


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